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The DISC-based Blind Spot Assessment™ is a global sensation that's transforming leaders and their workgroups everywhere.

Blind Spots transformative tools can help your people:

  • Improve self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Reduce conflict and become more collaborative
  • Understand others and learn how to adapt to them
  • Become better managers and leaders
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Use Cases for Blind Spot Assessments 

Hiring Managers • Team Leaders • Speakers • Trainers • Coaches • Consultants

For Hiring Managers. 
Assess your candidates. Know where they'll thrive.

Transform your DISC assessments with our Blind Spot Assessments and management platform. Gain deeper insights into your candidates' strengths and areas for growth, empowering your hiring managers to build stronger, more effective teams. Discover how each candidate can uniquely contribute and excel in your organization.

For Team Building.
Reduce conflict. Improve communication. Build relationships. 

Elevate your team's performance with our Blind Spot Assessment and management platform. Integrated with comprehensive resources like Conversation Guides and workshop slide decks, our solution enhances self-awareness and fosters trust, paving the way for high-functioning, collaborative teams.

For Coaching.
Guide your people to higher self-awareness, stronger relationships, and better decision-making.

Unlock your team's full potential with our Blind Spot Assessment. Designed for both group and individual coaching, it sharpens emotional management, resilience, and communication skills, setting the stage for exceptional performance."

For Keynotes.
Elevate audience engagement. Experience 90-95% opt-in rates.

Transform your keynote presentations into dynamic, interactive experiences with our Blind Spot Assessment. Quick, engaging, and insightful, this tool not only captivates your audience but also delivers actionable results. Plus, it's an effective way to expand your email list, connecting you with a growing base of engaged followers.

For Workshops. 
Dynamic breakout sessions and workshops for your groups.

Elevate your training workshops with our Blind Spot Assessment, complemented by a comprehensive resource library and assessment management platform. Ideal for conference breakout sessions or corporate team meetings, this tool enhances team cohesion, communication, and conflict management, providing immediate, tangible benefits for participants.

For Marketing.
A great lead magnet for your website.

Boost your lead generation effortlessly with our Blind Spot Assessment - Lite Edition. Easily embeddable in your website and shareable through custom, trackable links for social media or other advertising channels, this tool not only delights users with insightful results but also enhances your email list building with high-quality opt-ins.

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"I've been using the leaders Blind Spot Assessment for a couple years now. I'm having great success with it.

I needed something that was going to be fast, accurate and wildly accessible to the folks I work with.

The Blind Spot Assessment is helping me do three things... [listen to the video to learn what they are.]

- Mary Kelly, Ph.D., CSP, CDR, US Navy Ret.,
CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

"My favorite thing about it is that it takes 3 min, and it is really scary, accurate."

Julie Day

Vice President, Human Resources at Knipex Tools LP

"Finally, an assessment I can use with all of my training programs without the expensive per user costs." 

Courtney Ramsey

Author, speaker, trainer

"We use Blind Spot assessments in all of our leadership training programs. The participants love the learning. We love the transformation!

Lauren Vanamen

Executive Director at Aspire Leadership, LLC

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