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Hi, I'm Kevin

Blind Spots Global Founder


As the visionary behind the Blind Spot Assessment since 2016, my unique approach to Human behavior analysis, blending cognitive psychology with DISC principles, has transformed practices in organizations worldwide. This innovation stems from a transformative life event and over two decades of dedicated study in cognitive psychology, particularly focusing on unconscious biases and their effects on communication, decision-making, and relationships.

My in-depth understanding of DISC, enhanced by advanced training with Dr. Mels Carbonell—a protégé of DISC founder Dr. John Geier—has been pivotal. My cognitive psychology insights and DISC expertise culminated in authoring the bestselling "Blind Spots - Why Good People Make Bad Choices," co-creating with Dr. Tony Alessandra the "Unlocking the People Puzzle" series, and crafting an innovative five-month leadership course.

As a sought-after keynote speaker, I've engaged diverse audiences internationally, including prestigious groups like the Association of Government Accountants and leading corporations such as Lennox and Frito-Lay. At the helm of Blind Spots Global, I lead a dynamic team, offering a spectrum of services in speaking, training, coaching, consulting, and assessments to both individual and organizational clients.

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Transform the way you approach assessments, just like the music industry evolved from CDs to unlimited streaming, and the movie rental business shifted to on-demand streaming. Embrace the future with our unlimited assessment subscription service. Say goodbye to per-assessment costs and welcome the era of flat-fee, unlimited access.

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Harness the power of DISC with a simplified twist in our Blind Spot Assessments. Designed for efficiency and precision, it takes less than 3 minutes to complete, delivering a succinct and actionable report. Experience its transformative impact first-hand.

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