NEW! Assessment Management Platform

Create, Send, and Manage Your Assessments Online

The new Assessment Management Platform allows gives you control over how you manage and use your unlimited Blind Spot Assessments.

Send Blind Spot Assessment links to your hiring candidates, your training class participants, or your individual coaching clients.

Or, create trackable marketing links and promote your Blind Spot Assessments as a lead generator. Generate a QR code and add it to your Powerpoint presentations.

Gain Unlimited Access to the Assessment Library

We are constantly adding new assessments to your library. We can even customize the reports to meet your needs.  

Manage Participants

  • Send unlimited unique assessment links.
  • Add tags.
  • Add tracking codes.
  • Expire the links based on date or # of clicks.
  • Easily resend links if necessary.
  • View, sort and search.
  • View participant's assessment results.
  • Forward expired links to your website.

Manage Groups

  • Create unlimited groups to manage clients, organizations, teams or events.
  • Add participants to your groups.
  • View, sort, and search individuals within the groups.
  • Assign a single assessment link that everyone in the group shares (or send each participant their own link).
  • Add tags.
  • Add tracking codes.
  • Create a unique QR code for each group link.
  • Customize the unique trackable link with your own extension.
  • Forward expired links to your website.