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Become a Blind Spots Certified Practitioner

Earning your certification as a Blind Spots Practitioner is more than just an enhancement to your resume. It equips you with specialized tools to effectively lead both individual and group dialogues centered on Blind Spot Assessments. More importantly, it instills in you the confidence to guide others in navigating their blind spots, thereby enhancing their communication skills, strengthening their relationships, and improving their decision-making abilities. This certification isn't just a title; it's a pathway to becoming a catalyst for positive change in people's professional and personal lives.

What you get with Certification

Enhanced Training & Coaching Skills

Our comprehensive 90-minute online certification course, enriched with interactive comprehension quizzes, along with personalized 1-1 coaching calls and continuous support, prepares you to deeply understand and engage in insightful conversations about the observable and measurable behaviors of individuals. This training empowers you with the knowledge and skills to effectively interpret and discuss the nuances of human behavior, elevating your coaching and training capabilities.

Ready-to-Use Presentation Resources

Gain exclusive access to an extensive collection of over 100 professionally designed Powerpoint slides and comprehensive PDF guides. These ready-made materials are perfect for a variety of settings, from impactful keynote presentations to team meetings, and from engaging interactive workshops to insightful seminars. Whether you're addressing a small group or a large audience, these resources are tailored to enhance the effectiveness and dynamism of your presentations.

Guaranteed Lifetime Price Stability

As a certified practitioner, once you enroll in our paid subscription, you'll benefit from our 'Locked In Pricing' guarantee. Your subscription rate will remain constant, safeguarding you from any future price increases for as long as your account remains active. This commitment ensures you enjoy uninterrupted access to our services at your initial price, offering peace of mind and financial predictability.

Creative Freedom with Derivative Works License

As an active certified practitioner, you're empowered with a unique Derivative Works License. This allows you to not only utilize all our materials but also to craft your own derivative works from them, complete with your personal branding. This license offers you the creative liberty to tailor resources to your style and the needs of your audience, enhancing your distinct professional identity.

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