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Understanding DISC and the Blind Spot Assessment

Welcome! If you're exploring what DISC is and how the Blind Spot Assessment enhances this powerful framework, you've come to the right place. DISC is a behavioral assessment tool grounded in the theory developed by psychologist William Moulton Marston in the 1920s. It identifies four primary personality traits: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). These traits are pivotal in understanding how we behave in various situations, including our professional life, personal relationships, and team dynamics.

Introducing the Blind Spot Assessment

The Blind Spot Assessment builds on the traditional DISC framework by not only measuring the four primary personality styles but also recognizing four blended styles, offering a more nuanced understanding of personality. This assessment simplifies the complexity of human behavior into eight distinct styles, each with a descriptive name that encapsulates its essence. These are:

  • Competitor (D): Focused on results and assertiveness.
  • Energizer (DI/ID): Dynamic and persuasive.
  • Motivator (I): Inspirational and communicative.
  • Connector (IS/SI): Empathetic and cooperative.
  • Peacemaker (S): Dependable and thoughtful.
  • Stabilizer (SC/CS): Methodical and analytical.
  • Analyzer (C): Detail-oriented and precise.
  • Controller (CD/DC): Strategic and challenging.

 This assessment simplifies the language and delivers a more concise report compared to traditional DISC reports, making it easier to understand and apply the insights.

Benefits of the Blind Spot Assessment

The Blind Spot Assessment offers numerous advantages, including enhanced self-awareness, improved communication skills, better team dynamics, effective conflict resolution strategies, and targeted personal development. It provides a comprehensive understanding of your own style and those of the people around you, fostering more meaningful interactions and relationships.

Discover the Blind Spot Assessment Editions

To give you a taste of the insights the Blind Spot Assessment can offer, we invite you to try our "Lite Edition" for free. This version gives you a quick glimpse into your primary style. For those looking for deeper insights, our "Expanded Edition" dives further into your personality traits, offering more detailed reports. Additionally, we offer specialized editions tailored to various professional and personal focuses, such as sales, real estate, hiring, and more. Each edition is designed to help you leverage your unique strengths in specific contexts.

Explore our website to discover how the Blind Spot Assessment, based on the proven DISC principles, can benefit you today! Whether you're just starting with the Lite Edition or diving into our more specialized reports, you're on your way to unlocking profound insights into your personality and behavior.

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Exclusive Variants, Training Support, and Derivative Works License for Subscribers

For our subscribers, the Blind Spot Assessment experience goes beyond the basics. We offer an expanded suite of Blind Spot Assessments, specifically tailored for diverse applications like Leadership, Sales, and Team Building. These specialized versions are meticulously designed to tackle the distinct challenges and opportunities in each area, providing focused and effective insights.

Enhanced with Pro and Enterprise-Level Benefits

Pro and Enterprise subscribers gain exclusive access to our extensive library of training resources. This collection includes a range of PDFs and PowerPoint slides, crafted to augment the impact of Blind Spot Assessments in various settings. These materials are not only comprehensive but also customizable, allowing subscribers to white label and create derivative works tailored to their specific needs and branding.

Our Commitment to Empowering Professionals

We are dedicated to making complex human behavior assessments both accessible and functional. Our aim is to ensure that the insights from our assessments are effectively utilized to bolster leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships. By providing these additional resources, we empower professionals to not only understand but also to apply these insights practically in their organizations or client engagements. Our commitment to simplicity and relevance stands at the forefront, simplifying intricate concepts for everyday application in your professional and personal life.

History of DISC and the Evolution to the Blind Spot Assessment™


The Beginnings of DISC

The story of the DISC assessment begins with William Moulton Marston, a Harvard psychologist, who introduced the world to the DISC theory in 1928. His pioneering concept, detailed in "Emotions of Normal People," categorized human behavior into four personality traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. Although Marston laid the theoretical groundwork, he did not create an assessment tool.

From Theory to Practical Application

In the mid-20th century, industrial psychologist Walter Vernon Clarke developed the first DISC assessment tool, the Activity Vector Analysis. This development was a significant leap from theory to practical application. The DISC assessment gained further traction in the 1970s under Dr. John Geier at the University of Minnesota, who created the Personal Profile System, widely used in corporate and personal development.

DISC in the Modern World

The DISC assessment has been a staple in understanding behavioral styles and personality profiles in various settings, including team building, leadership development, and communication training.

The Advent of the Blind Spot Assessment

In 2016, Human Behavior Consultant Kevin McCarthy, CSP, recognized the need to simplify and expedite the DISC assessment process. He observed that despite DISC's popularity, its complexity often hindered people from integrating the insights into their leadership or work life. McCarthy envisioned a more streamlined, user-friendly, and accurate assessment. Thus, the Blind Spot Assessment was born.

The Impact of the Blind Spot Assessment

Since its debut, the Blind Spot Assessment has had a remarkable impact. Tens of thousands of individuals and organizational leaders have embraced this tool for personal insights and in corporate training and team-building initiatives. The assessment's appeal has crossed continents, with coaches and trainers in North America, Germany, and Australia incorporating it into their practices.

The Blind Spot Assessment stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of human behavior assessment. It builds on the rich legacy of the DISC theory while making significant strides in accessibility, speed, and practicality. This tool not only marks a new chapter in the history of behavioral assessment but also continues to shape the future of personal and professional development worldwide.

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